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The beer revolution is happening on the streets, right now.

Posted by fmcg, 22 January 2015

The UK brewing industry has steadily evolved over the last century until now, when suddenly a beer revolution has erupted. This was originated by some maverick ‘home’ brewers in the USA and has migrated over the Atlantic to have a profound impact on brewers and drinkers on these shores. There has been a democratisation of the British beer drinker whereby ‘craft’ beers are trending and everyone is talking about them.

The new retailers (pubs, bars and restaurants) are putting beer high on their agendas. Generally, the future for the brewing industry has never looked better – younger drinkers and a higher proportion of female drinkers mean added value and an increased market.

As with any revolution, first comes disruption, followed by consolidation as the new order takes control. For the UK brewing industry the fast expansion in the number of brewers has fragmented the market, and the marketing challenge is to build unique and lasting loyalties with the beer drinker (both old and new). This becomes a big challenge when you have over 1,200 UK breweries and the rest of the world to contend with.

‘Quality’ and ‘innovation’ are currently the bywords for the brewing industry.

However, brand equity is what will ensure long-term success. Brewers need to ensure that their brands are engaging and fit for market. Investment in strategic brand planning is essential – if they are to gain traction with this Fast Moving Craft Generation (‘FMCG’…).

Invest in your brand and (as the Beatles said) ‘don’t you know it’s gonna be alright’.

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