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Tetley's rebrand




Design Effectiveness Silver 2013


increase in off-trade market share


Putting personality back into the brand

Tetley’s has a heritage that goes back to 1822 and has grown to be one of England’s best selling ales (annual sales over £300m). The brand and packaging needed reinvigorating to realign the brand with its core consumer base.

We refocused the Tetley’s brand around one powerful image – the traditional Huntsman character – while converting it into a modern, iconic logo. This helped the brand focus on its core values, while also modernising it to deal with the challenges posed by a segmentation of the current beer market. The brand packaging was refreshed and simplified, giving the brand a more cohesive look and feel, and greater shelf impact.

When we wanted to re-introduce the classic Huntsman icon at the heart of the packaging for Tetley’s, we turned to WPA Pinfold. They were able to create a design that found the perfect balance between respecting the heritage of the Huntsman and delivering a look that felt relevant to the beer market today. The design researched fantastically well, significantly outperforming the competitive set, and since launch has been extremely well received by trade customers and ale drinkers alike.”

Marketing and Strategy Director