WPA Pinfold



Massarella’s rebrand



A taste of Italy

Massarella’s is a retail chain with over 30 restaurants and delis with a family history that goes back to 1860. The retailer had a great authentic family connection with the business, yet it was not capitalising on this provenance. The brief was to create an added-value range of branded packaging for their delicatessen packaging, including their range of wines, emphasising provenance and authenticity.

The brand design we created builds on the Massarella family credentials and its authentic Italian roots with its ‘spaghetti lettering’. The design reinforces the sense of simplicity and elegance, and uses natural materials to communicate values of authenticity and quality. Our solution used minimalist graphics and natural materials to emphasise the provenance behind Massarella’s.

WPA Pinfold have created a new family of brands that draws on the unique Massarella heritage and gives us a strong and cohesive brand structure on which to build strategically in the future.”

Managing Director