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Green’s Gluten Free Beers

Green’s gluten free beers are specially brewed for coeliacs, both by using alternative grains to wheat and barley, and by de-glutenising the beers.

WPA Pinfold rebranded and redesigned Green’s, and repositioned the packaged range of beers to sit proudly on shelf in the mainstream beer category – as well as premiumising the range in its existing free from category. Green’s previous branding had more of a pharmaceutical ‘look’ and had been designated to the free from aisle in the supermarkets, it had no presence in the
beer aisle.

Our challenge was to both retain Green’s gluten free credentials and reposition the packaged beers to also enable them to compete on shelf with the other mainstream beers, positioning the brand as a great tasting craft beer, that just happens to be gluten free too.

In addition, Green’s is a price premium beer and it was important to premiumise the packaging to give credibility to its added value price point.

The designs are brave and contemporary, a complete departure from the previous versions, and have been fundamental to Green’s success – both On Trade (where it had been weak) and Off Trade. The new branding and packaging design has won over both trade customers and beer drinkers alike – as well as giving coeliacs a beer that they can be proud to purchase.

The rebrand has revitalised Green’s flat and lack-lustre sales and put the business on a solid growth trajectory, both nationally and internationally.

The company decided we had to broaden the appeal of Green’s Beers to categories outside of ‘free from’, and to future proof the branding whilst not alienating our loyal following. Not an easy remit but we found WPA were up to the challenge. We are delighted with the result, offering clarity of product messages and shelf standout. The feedback from across our customer base has been very complimentary, and we are confident that the beers can now obtain distribution in new channels.”

Managing Director

Green’s Beers