WPA Pinfold



Rebrand of Fair Trader


Fair Trader


Design Effectiveness Shortlisted 2015


increase in turnover


Authentic branding with provenance

Fair Trader, the ethical fair trading cooperative, needed focus on its core value proposition and create a journey of discovery for its customers. The branding is simple, direct and uncomplicated, whilst the iconography and rich, vibrant colour palette gives fantastic stand out.

Each of the Fair Trader’s products is traced back to its source and has its own ethical score card, which is part of the design communication. The branding has created clear segmentation and has great online presence too, which is making a big contribution to the ‘own brand’ strategy.

WPA Pinfold’s rebrand has zoned in on our key values. Thanks to their work, the Fair Trader is now a successful growing business with design-led, high-quality products and a business model to take us into the future.”


Fair Trader