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Packaging for Asda biscuits range



Bespoke illustrations for Asda Kids range

Putting the fun into design

Kids’ biscuits

Asda’s kids’ biscuit range has to compete with the big brands and deliver real credibility. The creation of playful animal characters that interact with the product gives a convincing choice for consumers that is not simply based on price. The range has been re-energised and premiumised, with the playful characters and rich, vibrant colours making a strong and engaging statement on shelf.

Adults’ savoury snacks
The adults’ savoury snacking category, within the Asda biscuits range, had to compete with the reinvigorated brands such as Ryvita. The category had focused on taste appeal rather than diet, and oozed flavour. Asda needed to convey more appetite appeal, hero the products and give consumers a reason to buy into their range of snacking options. We gave the range a sense of cohesion and vibrancy through the use of colour and mouth-watering photography. The bright, light lifestyle photography we commissioned suggested healthy solutions whilst focusing on the detail and the quality of the products, as well as enhancing taste cues.